Every piece of equipment that ships from Pacific Trail Manufacturing Inc., carries with it a dedication to the words:


What exactly makes that difference? It is the result of a unique combination of sound design, exceptional fabrication, extensive operator education & top quality service.

Everyone at Pacific Trail Manufacturing, Inc. knows saws & the technology that makes them great. When you call us, you are guaranteed to get knowledgeable staff to help you. And, you are even likely to talk to our President—yes, he often is the guy on the other end of the phone. That’s because we all believe in staying in touch with you—our customer—to make sure what we do & make is what you need. It is our mission to keep our customers in production. In wood processing, increasing production while decreasing labor is the ultimate goal we will help you achieve. Our fine products include the Accu-Cut Crosscut Unit Saw, Exacta-Cut, Mobil-Cut, Lumber Unit Aligner, Paper Roll Saws, Bunk Saw, Package Saw Retrofits, Deck Saw, custom harvester bar, and Custom Application Saws.

Pacific Trail Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to showcase the art of equipment fabrication, service, support & education that our customers appreciate and our competitors attempt.